Turning Browsers into Buyers with Video

Hear it in spanish!
I read an article by BY CRAIG WAX ? JUNE 15, 2010 ? at a trade site. I thought I'd repost some of the highlights.

It covers some very basic ideas that I try to convey to clients thinking about using video on the web.

    Who is your customer/client?
      How does your product/service benefit that customer/client?
        What’s the most powerful way to communicate that benefit?

        MR. Wax goes on to layout a few considerations about the video on the web process. 1. Make the Product the Star 2. Start with the Right Products 3. Avoid the Cost of “Free” 4. Not all Platforms Are Created Equal 5. Front and Center

        Mr. Wax has it very right about the presentation and production of the video. In my observation, every word in his article was spot on.

        Video on the web isn't about flash and should not be an afterthought. It should have real direct and concise outcome and meaning. Cheers! -mv

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