About Velasquez Media

Monique Velasquez & Piper Kessler are partners in media creation since the 90’s. These two have created a company focused on professional communication and are based in Durham, NC. They are focused on combining two things, engaging story driven video and 100% proof and tracking of distribution on digital media. These two ingredience can  drive high-value clients from online marketing to call and spend money with you.

Velasquez & Kessler help entrepreneurs  differentiate themselves from the  competition, attract high-value clients and gain a competitive advantage in their selected market.

Monique has a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema and a B.A. in Communication. She is behind the camera.  Piper worked for Quail Corner’s Books store, toured as muscian and  heads up the Sound Department. 

Monique and Piper of  Velasquez Media help you find the right communication solution for your problem.