Velásquez Digital Media Communications is a professional communication company.

What we are:

Velasquez Digital Media Communications, LLC, (D.B.A. Velasquez Media,) is a boutique media production company  started in in Durham in 2003 by Monique Velasquez. It is the first and only Latina owned  video production company in North Carolina. We specialize in providing communication solutions in English and Spanish for government and non-profits.

Our Philosophy

Velasquez Media is a minority owned company that sees the
value of minority communities. We strive to provide opportunities and access to information that impact lives and communities.

We focus on working with  and hiring women and minorities. It is our mission to hire from the communities that we serve. We mentor and provide internships for women and people of color. Velasquez Media makes a conscious effort to increase the skills of our community.

Our strength is advocacy for audiences that are not represented in the main stream. We are focused on creating inclusive and appropriate messaging in our scripts. Our representation on screen also is very deliberately minority heavy. We are focused on all aspects of the message from text on screen, wording, locations, costuming, language and gender representations.

This is why clients call on Velasquez Media to provide social media outreach for Spanish speakers, seniors, youths, women and African American audiences.

Why we want to work with government and non-profits

We want to live in a community that supports & improves the lives of those who are most vulnerable. We want to help create that community. We cannot do it alone. We must collaborate. We have a specific set of skills, working in mass media (now called social media) and we are bilingual.