Velasquez Media is a boutique media company.

As such, we work to keep up with the cutting edge trends in media to better the experience for our clients.


Velasquez Media features HD and 4K video recording and editing. In the past Velasquez has worked with 16mm film, 3/4″, BetaSP, MII, 1″ DVCam, miniDV, HDV. Velasquez Media converted from Standard Definition to the  to HD before many companies in the Triangle. Today, we know that 4K streaming is possible and we offer 4K capture for our clients with an eye to future proofing current projects.


Velasquez Media features an audio department that is fantastic. No other boutique media company offers the services in audio that we do. Piper Kessler heads up the audio department.

Kessler spend much of the 1990’s touring as part of a singer song writing duo. Her writing and music skill are valuable for post production. Kessler can create custom music, pick emotionally relevant music and edit it in 5.1 surround, stereo, audio book format,

In 2007, Kessler was one of the first audio recordists in North Carolina, maybe even in the nation, to use digital capture on a dramatic television show. Using digital audio early in the history of our business has allowed us to get better and better at recording and editing audio.



With fast internet service we stay connected. We can provide delivery live or on -demand on your social media or content media provider or we can deliver to live or recorded program for broadcast.

Velasquez Media has social media platform distribution outlets on Ustream, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Webex GotoMeeting/Webinar, SoundCloud, Audible, iTunes, Amazon and can FTP.

If you have a more traditional focus and want to be on TV screens, then we provide broadcast quality video files. Velasquez Media can deliver high resolution digital video/audio files for television, cable, radio or close circuit monitors.

Wherever you need to deliver your project we can provide the right combination of bits and bytes.


We provide a teleprompter service as added value to our clients. We will set it up and operate it for your executive speech. We also provide the service to colleagues in the Triangle. Ask about our date and half day rate. We provide a heavy duty tripod, a 70/30 glass, black hood, 15″ monitor and a rail to hold the rig.

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