Velasquez Media supports the Triangle filmmaking community.

Monique and Piper spend many weekends on local film sets. We have a subsidiary company, KV Works,  in the indie world. We love to practice our craft. Working on narrative films helps forge relationships with actors. Working in film also allows us to practice  the daily tasks of lighting shooting and editing.

Sound Department


Documentary Mexico

Piper will record sound for documentaries or narrative films. She is often hired to capture film dialog because she comes with the best equipment. Because she edits audio she knows when the sound is good and when it isn’t. She wears headphones and listens carefully!

Camera Department

Velasquez has been asked to be camera assistant, and be 1st A.D. She really likes to work as a Director of Photography. She has had her hand on the camera since film school in the 90’s.


Velasquez has lighting equipment. We even bring it to set when asked to be a Grip or Lighting department.

Post Video and Audio

Piper and Monique will work as editors in post production.

Monique has time to edit small scripted narratives as well as documentary films. She excels at seeing the story embedded in hours of footage.

Piper can provide audio post services to add foley, to fix audio blemishes in the sound, or to sweeten the audio for final picture.