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What We Offer

Velasquez Digital Media Communications features experienced producers and directors and professional digital media tools to explore solutions for you. Kessler and Velasquez have solutions for special audiences, message strategies, and communication campaigns. From stand alone video and audio broadcast to desktop consumption, we focus on crafting the right solution to your communication problem.

We Listen First

Velasquez Media is a tools for the communication professional in government or nonprofit organizations.  You are the content experts in need of a solution. We listen to better understand what the next step is.

We start by sitting down and listening to the reasons for creating a message. We find out what your objectives are and what the desired outcome is. We assess your resources to measure efficacy. We create a plan to measure outcomes based on realistic tools and resources. We have worked with government and nonprofits for since 2003 and we understand the value and need to maximize public dollars.

We Act on Behalf of the Client

Velasquez is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Her ideas of leadership and organization were formed while in the service. Velasquez Media often works with first time video project producers. Government staff is called upon to produce social media or a video message and they may feel that this is outside of their skill set. Velasquez excels at creating a safe and nurturing learning environment for first time producers. We want you to succeed so we help you get to where you need to be.

Velasquez Media makes the process as enjoyable as possible. We listen to the client’s comfort in taking the lead on all content and script elements. Kessler or Velasquez can take the lead by writing scripts and having clients approve the script. We can also review client content and documents and translate that into a proper and understandable video script.

Velasquez Media makes it a point to know what social media is the right choice to reach your audience. We watch trends and measure responses to social media we create. We will help you pinpoint when and where to post to get your message heard. We can also help you publish or broadcast on the right media channels.