Indy Video Work

Velasquez Media contributes to the indepentent film community by collaborating and consulting on local films. Many of our friends and collegues are brillant and creative. We love working in our industry and meeting like-minded filmmakers. 

Check out some of our titles and some of productions we have done under Yaqui Talkie Pictures and KV Works.

Intersect (2012)

Remember Me (2009)

Milagros: Made In Mexico (2007)

Sonia: Evolution (1995)

ANKH (1993)


Velasquez Digital Media Communications

We are North Carolina's first Latina owned video communication company. It is also the only media company in North Carolina focused on providing Spanish language media for government and non-profits.



The official launch of Frequency is Late November 2012. Thank you for your interest.
or go the YouTube channel at this url

Posted by Monique Velasquez on Sat, 24 Nov 2012