Shooting for the small screen

Hear it in spanish!
I have been thinking about the new delivery formats for clients. Most of my clients have Youtube or other video services supporting their marketing. It is fair to start to thinking how the web will look on mobile phone and smart phone screens. This is the new small screen. My thoughts center on --- Do the old web rules still hold true?
    1. Close ups and Mediums are always in vogue with video to see your subject in detail. But it is no longer taboo for wide shots for the small screen.
      2. Keep camera movements to a minimum. The image will compress to a blurry smear. Although the smear is almost viewable it is best to keep the camera static.
        3. Keep your final program under seven minutes. The attention span of Europeans is seven minutes, Americans have a shorter attention span, four minutes. Keep the length short. Think video haiku.
          4. Keep the production value HIGH! There are two pathes to quality. If you’re working with a strong budget, use professional locations, sets to keep the image looking good. If you have a low-budget, focus on strong storytelling and editing. Experience is worth the price to get the most bang for your buck.

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