Fujinon Customer Service A+

Hear it in spanish!

I attended the Government Expo in DC early in December. It was a hurried walk through the exhibition floor.  

Luckily for me, I was able to stop and talk to the Fujinon folks. Very friendly and happy to meet someone with a testamony about buying the Fujinon over another option.


I wanted some information about my lens use with teleprompters. The rep. was able to explain the use of the 16x9 on the small prompter issue, which are non. but most importantly, he helped me out with a lens cover that I lost on a shoot. 

I have to say that the little clothe covers work in a pinch but the hard cover in front of the lens makes for a better barrier against possible damage.

Thanks for to Fujinon I have a hard cover in front of my lens again. 


Fujinon Customer Service Rocks!


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