TV over the Air is still FREE

Hear it in spanish!

After finding out what I do for a living. (I usually answer I'm in the TV business.) The thrifty minded folks follow up with "I want to get TV over the air. What should I do". These are my people. I am utilitarian when it comes to free. Here is my answer but first some background.

The broadcaster still put a signal into the air. Although, the FCC made every networks switch over to "digital" transmissions this year, 2009, this did not affected the free signal transmission.

Recently, for the most part, people have been upgrading older CRT, tube TV's to flat screens LCD's that have big numbers like 1080i or p in the description. This is great for a TV service connection. Instant space saving and picture quality with the new monitors and TV's. I wanted the government subsided converter box. Which by the way started out at $50 plus price and is now down to $40 in price. This box let me keep using my 1990's era TV in service without cable or a satellite contract. It does need an antennae. If you want to use your new flat screen listen up.

First is to make sure your flat screen has a built in tuner. Yes you have to buy a TV with a tuner in already in it. Look for ATSC listed in the description. If your TV has the tuner you are set.  

I was able to use my 1990's era rabbit ears to pick up local broadcasts. Yep! I found a good unobstructed view for the antennae to sit and a cable to the flat screen monitor with a tuner built in.  Just connect the rabbit ears and watch the fantastic FREE  HD quality broadcast.


Just an FYI. Unlike in the 70's when you used the old rabbit ears, today it is all of nothing on the reception. Analog transmission let you receive fuzzy grainy static filled pictures and sound. Digital either get the picture 100% or zero percent. There is nothing in between.


Enjoy Free TV if you can. 


My two cents. 

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