About VDMC

Hear it in spanish!

¿No habla español? No problem. Velásquez Digital Media Communications habla español.


Velasquez Media helps you solve critical communication problems with your Spanish-speaking constituents, clients or workforce.

Bicultural Bridge

A bilingual message is more than just words translated. Subtle and nuanced cultural norms and expectations are embedded in communication. Being aware of the existence in both languages and cultures is penultimate to any translated message.

Visual Presentations

We can recreate, collaborate, and design computer or video presentations for; trade shows, point of sales, fund-raising, information dissemination, education, training, or grant proposals.

Media Editing

Edit existing Spanish language interviews, narration, text, audio and scripts to meet your Spanish language communications. English to Spanish or Spanish to English translation available to businesses without translation resources.

Velasquez Digital Media Communications

We are North Carolina's first Latina owned video communication company. It is also the only media company in North Carolina focused on providing Spanish language media for government and non-profits.

Who We Are

Piper Kessler and Monique Velasquez often collaborated on video and music projects. This collaborative artistic and small commercial venture has evolved into a full service media communication company, Velásquez Digital Media Communications, LLC.

  • Monique Velásquez, President and video veteran in North Carolina since 1988.
  • Piper L. Kessler, Vice President of Audio Production and veteran in North Carolina Music industry since 1991.